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Write a script in your favorite Markdown editor, load the file in Snippette and deliver an awesome live demo!

What is Snippette?

Snippette is an app that loads code snippets from a markdown file. During a live presentation you click its tray icon any time you need the next chunk of code for your demo.

You never get stuck and your demo always works as in rehearsal. Check the video to see it in action.

Snippete will scan the markdown file for code snippets and display them ready for copying during your demo.

Optionally use headings, sub-headings, and free text to structure your demo script. They will be ignored by Snippette.

Extra text, images or links between snippets will be ignored; use them for your rehearsals and to give yourself more context.

Snippets as Markdown

Taking the time to prepare your demo as a markdown script helps you in a number of ways. Firstly you have a written trace of what you will do, and once you've deliver the demo - of what you did live. You have something to rehearse with, and if you need to run the same presentation in the future it will be easy to pick it up.

Last but not least, nobody likes losing their way during a demo. By leaving yourself a short hint before each snippet you will always know what's the next step.

Works for Everyone

Snippette doesn't assume what your presentation is all about and only takes care to put the right snippet at the right time into your computer's Clipboard.

Thus, regardless if your live demo is about building iOS apps, Electron, or CSS, or you're using Xcode, Visual Studio Code, or Coda, Snippette will assist you along the way.

Two Ways to Use

Any time you want the next snippet, click the Snippette menu icon. That'll pop up the hint for the next step and the code snippet. Click on the code to copy and advance, then paste the code in your IDE.

Alternatively, set a keyboard shortcut to copy & advance to avoid popping Snippette on screen. In that case you can't see the hints but you can print the markdown before hand and keep it at hand during the demo.

Example Markdown Files

Minimal iOS/Swift Demo

Very short bare bones Snippette markdown file.

   Download    Preview

Complete React.js Live Demo Script

Sections, starter project, instructions, and code.

   Download    Preview

Snippette's own walkthrough markdown file

All Snippette features in a Snippette demo. Bam!

   Download    Preview

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